Cotonou street food

Cotonou Street Food So after the relaxing time, we had in Ouidah (read the article here), we set off to Cotonou, to get a feel of the city at night and of course check out the street food. Well here’s what we found. For lunch, we found a Palm soup...

Chef Lillian Elidah 

  Chef Lillian’s culinary taste is as diverse as her experience. The Zambian-born gastronome returned to Zambia two years ago after growing up in Sweden, studying in Switzerland and working in France and Dubai. In Zambia, she caters to expats and food-enthusiastic locals in a newly opened Mediterranean Steakhouse, where she...


RAISED IN DAKAR... ... the bustling and culturally diverse West African metropolis, Thiam (pronounced CHEE-AM) pursued a degree in physics and chemistry at the city's Cheikh Anta Diop University until a countrywide student strike in the 1980's led him to apply to school in Ohio to finish his degree. During a stopover in...


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Ouidah was mad fun, and very very relaxing to be honest. Maybe it was  because I was few feet from the ocean and the waves simply lulled me top sleep.  - to be completed

Sweet potato ball

What are y'all having for lunch? #Sweet #potato balls maybe? Super easy to make mashed sweet potatoes with a little flour and eggs to keep it molded! #weeatafrican #bake #eatingclean #vegan #lunch #Dinner #weeatafrican #healthy #recipes #feedfeed #blog #facebook via Instagram

The Plantain Corner

 The Plantain Corner Gabaro Close So we recently discovered a new spot for lunch at work on Gabaro Close. And lets just say we got the whole office eating Boli. The menu is pretty simple, Boli (roasted plantains), roasted yam, with tomato sauce  (commonly referred simply to here as stew),...

Simple Delicacies

[su_heading size="25"]Simple Delicacies[/su_heading] [caption id="attachment_279" align="alignnone" width="1600"] Pear and yoghurt[/caption] It's the simple things in life...... Yep and in this case its not that different. The weekend is already around the corner. And of course we've got brunch on our minds. The idea here is to replace the usual carb...